How it Works

Going into a department store to see a bra fitter in Des Moines, IA can be a strange experience… and likely a waste of time. Unless they’ve been specifically trained to fit you for a bra, most sales associates are just taking general measurements. This results in you buying more bras that might not be the right size!

To end the cycle of buying the wrong bra size, it’s best to trust a custom bra fitting service in Des Moines, IA. When you work with Essential Bodywear, you’ll get measured by a professional who has specific training in how to properly gauge your ideal bra size. Here’s how it works:

bra typesIf you’re interested in ordering any bras in your newly measured size, you can place an order right at your fitting! You’ll have access to a full catalog of styles and can order based on the size provided to you at your fitting appointment. Your bras will take about a week to arrive!

The whole process takes less time than going out shopping for a new bra, and you will get the right fit for you! No more guessing at different sizes for different styles and brands—Essential Bodywear provides you with a clear measurement you can use to get the best fitting bra.

For more information about the fitting process or to set up your appointment with Pepper today, please call 515-202-6124. We can also answer any questions you might have about the fitting process or the types of bras available.

Return policy: Please contact us for a return product code number within 30 days.